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Deeper Along the Iceberg FB Live AMA June 17th, 2020

“Deeper Along the Iceberg” today’s FB Live AMA at 1pm EST including topics

Today’s Topics:
Review of the Ice Berg – the Systemic Funnel of Disparate Policing

Both Reactive & Proactive Policing Fuel the Funnel

Deeper Along the Iceberg: Municipal Courts driving Fine Collection

Municipal Elections: Why not just vote them out?

Snapshot in Time of Federal Bias in Sentencing of Drug Offenses

Interest in Floyd Protests vs. COVID19 Concerns

COVID19 Domestic Update

Indian & China Border Dispute – they what now?
And Audience Q&A

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ORIGINAL FB LIVE AMA Video (some dead time up front):
TWITTER: @InfoMullet

Department of Justice Ferguson Study:

Racial Disparity in 911 Call Responses by Predominant City Ethnicity:

Ferguson National vs. Municipal Election Racial Composition:

Snapshot in Time of Federal Racial Disparity:

Massachusetts Sentencing Disparities:

Federal Sentencing Disparity:

India and China Border Disputes

COVID R0 Levels by US States:

State Level Test & Tracing Capabilities:

COVID Behavior Modes by US States:

COVID Behavior Modes by Country:

Understanding COVID19 Risks and Creating Safe Practices to Minimize them:

CDC Guidance on COVID19 Safe Practices:

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