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Alternate Future of the World III: Frontlines | Episode 3 | 2040s | 21st Century

Genetic engineering has revolutionised the way man has thought was imaginable, the Second Byzantine Empire crumbles to dust by existential forces, but the world embraces immersive virtual reality for the first time in history. The singularity had also given birth to the SAICAT.


Music: (in chronological order)
0:00; 1:27:50 A very long piece from deanmullen10’s Future History VIII: 2150s – 2190s
14:48 Towards Utopia Nova Flare from Stellaris: Humanoids
23:01 In Search of Life from Stellaris
29:02 The Celestial City from Stellaris
34:52 The Last Stand from Stellaris: Leviathans
37:42 Dragon Breath from Stellaris: Leviathans
44:21 Picture Elements by J.R.S. Schattenberg
49:33 Finding Land by J.R.S. Schattenberg/MultiMusic
54:03 Hidden Motives from Stellaris: Megacorp
58:39 Riding the Solar Wind from Stellaris
1:05:53 Spatial Lullaby from Stellaris
1:10:07 Towards Utopia from Stellaris: Utopia
1:18:15 Cradle of the Galaxy from Stellaris: Utopia
1:24:03 The Master Plan from Stellaris: Megacorp
1:34:36 Electronic Foliage by J.R.S. Schattenberg

6:32 I am referring to the political party, not the South African legislature, which is confusing to some.
7:23 This one I would pass if I were an American (‘dishonorable’), but I’ve corrected it in my transcript under my current self-imposed convention with ‘dishonourable’.
30:25 ‘weaponising’ is incorrect according to Word, but that’s like saying euthanised would be ‘euthanized’, so… I frankly don’t care. It has become a habit of my writing styles.
1:03:28 By ‘computer interfaces’, I mean by BCIs.
1:04:14 Technically this should’ve been ‘industrial-grade’ than ‘large-scale’, but because I am relatively simple back then when I doing my script for that decade, I left it in. It does ‘make’ some sense, but a more technical jargon would be industrial-grade.

Errors: (oh boy, this is gonna be good; I do copy and pasting of my draft script, so sometimes I don’t correct them at all, esp. if it were dates or years. If only Windows Movie Maker only had a dictionary, then I’ll not have to list this as much.)
1:06 ‘only seen speculation’ should be ’only seen as speculation’
2:34 ‘studiesof’
5:09 ‘an’ should be ‘a’
7:43, 1:21:48 ‘superceded’ should be ‘superseded’
10:03 ‘theimperial’
10:28 ‘Meteorlogy’ should be ‘Meteorology’
10:55 ‘endColumbus’, also ‘cultual’
11:56 ‘reinnovate’ is not a word, should just say ‘innovate’
13:22 ‘sparringly’ should be ‘sparingly’
14:30 ‘airand’
15:43 ‘Twitterand’
16:07 ‘permanentlysubmerged’
16:30 ‘2042’ should be ‘2041’
19:00 ‘Janaury’ should be ‘January’
23:04 ‘facotry’ should be ‘factory’
25:23 ’52’ should be ’59’ (I calculated his age wrong)
27:03 ‘form’ should be ‘from’
29:54 ‘indigenousreconciliation’
30:30 ‘in the SCP Foundation’ is redundant should just say ‘in SCP Foundation’ only. ‘breath’ should also say ‘breathe’
32:39 ‘Paksitan’
39:33 ‘mystery,where’
37:26 ‘anthropomorphicised’ should be ‘anthropomorphised’
38:08 ‘peromance’ should be ‘performance’
47:33 Valerian Rousselle is CEO, contradicting Redding being CEO earlier. Assume that Redding is the replacement of Rousselle. Also there’s another space missing on that slide.
50:00 ’13rd’ should be ’13th’
53:47 ‘aprovisional’
54:31, 1:06:02, 1:24:54 ‘halfly’ is not a word (but I’ll keep it because language could evolve from sheer laziness and that I abbreviate things pretty much anything)
56:13 ‘at the evening’ should be ‘in the evening’
59:27 More spacing problems!
1:02:03 ‘hybrising’ should be ‘hybridising’
1:03:50 and 1:04:14 ‘2044’ should be ‘2046’
1:17:55 ‘portmonteau’ should be ‘portmanteau’
1:20:24 ‘superivison’
1:23:15 ‘intepretation’
1:23:46 ‘Gryll’s’ should be ‘Grylls’’
1:37:43 Turkey is shown as a member of the SCO but not NATO as stated before.

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